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︎︎︎ 24 page tabloid
︎︎︎ Photography by Michael Williams
Design, copy-writing, interviews, and exhibit for ToolKit: A Magazine On Making, my capstone project as a Design Resident at Wieden+Kennedy. This print issue is all about building methodology, and it features conversations about creative process and methodology in a generative AI world. Includes interviews with Anna Mills, Bijan Berahimi, Chris Burnett, and Helen Ip—and collabs with Dov Annuse, Dylan Hayes, Elena Reyna, and Nathan Maas. With content ranging from thoughtful interviews to tongue-in-cheek critiques, ToolKit celebrates a spectrum of opinions on creative process and the potential implications of AI, playfully designed on newsprint. Highlights include an interactive AI prompt builder that uses your surroundings as the algorithm, pull-out recipe cards about speculative AI futures, and Baldessar-E, where ChatGPT attempts to answer conceptual prompts by artist John Baldessari.



︎︎︎ 16 page catalog 
︎︎︎ 3 campaign posters
︎︎︎ Website (view full site here!)
Good Sport is a speculative new biking brand from Specialized Bikes. Featuring a bold, confident palette, the collection celebrates a more inclusive riding culture, encouraging a world where biking can be a form of empowerment and positivity! Brand assets include a print catalog, website design, and campaign posters. Photos curated from Cameron Strand’s collab with Specialized Bikes.



︎︎︎ 16 pages 
︎︎︎ Perfect-bound
The Machine In The Garden is a literary musing on the manufactured world and the preexisting natural one—and what happens when they continually collide. The cover design considers these unresolved ideas by placing two clovers next to each other: the first, a pressed clover found in the wild; the seconds, a contrived clover drawn by AI. Throughout the short story, I wonder how nature and machine exist together—is it mutually destructive? Or will one eventually consume the other? By realizing the short story as a tangible object, I hope to give form to speculative thoughts otherwise lost in the scroll of my computer.



︎︎︎ 4-color screenprinted poster, 22 x 30”
︎︎︎ 2-color risograph tri-fold pamphlet, double-sided

Screenprinted posters, complementary riso flyers, and complete identity for the 12th Annual CalArts Print Fair, made in collaboration with Maya Alvarado. We wanted the event to be bright, playful, and overall a celebration of the exciting print culture that exists at CalArts. Utilizing the motif of springtime, the Fair’s identity looks at the turn of a new season, reminiscing on the beauty of cultivated creativity and seeing ideas grow from seed to sprout. More event photos to come!



︎︎︎ 4-color risograph printing (flat gold, blue, flourescent pink, yellow)
︎︎︎ Features 1-color (yellow) interior printing
Design and risography for The Monthly Mini Vinyl Club, a subscription service from Spiral Records that sends you a few vinyl 45’s each month based on your music taste. The methodology behind the packaging started by choosing a flower (I chose the Hardy Fuschia), simplifying it into a basic ornament, reinterpreting it within a particular style (Dutch Modernism, here), and lastly creating a pattern. I took inspiration from the geometric patterns of Karel Martens, as well as the ink-bleed typography found on vintage record labels. Fun practice for riso registration (and learning how the three-dimensionality of packaging can accentuate its textural qualities)!



︎︎︎ 22.75 inches x 14.5 inches (unfolded)
︎︎︎ 55gsm Newsprint, limited edition of 500
︎︎︎ Available through eastofborneo.org
Concept and layout design for No Magazine Is An Island, a double-sided poster I designed over the course of my summer internship with East of Borneo. The poster acts as their mission statement made tangible: “A limited edition print & zine charting our motivations to form meaningful narratives, excavate overlooked histories, and create a sense of place, namely Los Angeles and its storied visual culture, through a discursive online community. Reflecting our namesake and evoking moody visuals from artist Joseph Cornell’s experimental film Rose Hobart (1936), this limited print also doubles as a guide to our collaborative multimedia archive and how to contribute.” I used the geometic shapes found in East Of Borneo’s logo as building blocks to construct the abstract, purple forms found on the front poster size.



︎︎︎ Designed in Figma

Concept, prototyping, and redesign for The Museum of Science Fiction, made in collaboration with Maya Alvarado. We redirected MOSF’s new identity towards children and elementary educators, effectively building out a kid-centric learning hub. In our process we considered site maps, user personas, and wireframes for the application, while also gaining familiarity with content management systems. With a bright color palette, personalized avatar option, and accessible user flow, the app encourages youth engagement, helping MOSF's younger explorers to navigate through current exhibitions. We introduced four wayfinding mascots that students can interact with, each correlating with a different science topic. The app seeks to integrate education with a sense of play, centered around the three main tabs: Explore (interactive trivia and mini quizzes), Expedition (a fun-fact scavenger hunt), and Play (three fully-functional games).



︎︎︎ 17 pages
︎︎︎ Stab-stitch binding, b&w inkjet printing on colored paper
Layout design, writing, and binding for Objectively Seeking: Found Objects From Argentina, a handheld object catalog featuring fifteen mementos from my time there last winter. Categorization details include region-based page colors (pink for Buenos Aires, green for Iguazú Falls, purple for Patagonia); object-specification symbols (Paper, Nature, and Souvenir); and a few other fun logistics (specific date, time, and photo-location of each discovery). Features a checkered fore-edge design along the exposed spine.



︎︎︎ 16 pages
︎︎︎ French fold pages, staple-bound

Design and interview in conversation with graphic designer, design educator, and book publisher Kathleen Sleboda. The zine explores Sleboda’s Indigenous identity, archival experiences, design-history pedagogy, and enthusiasm for printed matter—it uses engaging type pairings, a vertical page layout, and shape-based pull-out quotes.



︎︎︎ 260 pages
︎︎︎ Hard cover, case binding
Layout design, research, and copy-editing for Design Index, a 260-page personal graphic design textbook. Includes researched history, famous graphic designers, acclaimed schools and publications, type terminology, and an individual design atlas. The book considers playfulness within an organized grid, through texturized halftones, wonky sticker icons, and eclectic typography.



︎︎︎ Designed in Adobe After Effects, Procreate
Handdrawn animation, character design, and wonky worldbuilding for Dogbone, a music video about a pup in search of the perfect dog bone. Animated in sync to Gillian Hill’s song Tut Tut Tut Tut, this film explores playful protagonists, scratchy background designs, and integrated typography with an ethos of experimentation and fun.



︎︎︎ ISBN 978-0-578-95020-4
︎︎︎ 124 pages
︎︎︎ Perfect-bound
Publication design, creative direction, interviews, and editing for Verses’ fifth issue: Garden. The magazine imagines our own individual landscapes as vessels, a space for things to grow, harbor, decompose, and eventually pass through. Fifty artists were asked to pry past the foliage and take a peek into the ever-growing landscape we all carry inside. Feature artist interviews include Brianna Moreno, Caroline Cai, Emma Crabtree, Joliz Dela Peña, and Jordyn Jackson. Cover features a soft-touch lamination, including uncoated, recycled paper for the interior. Each order comes with a sticker and plantable bookmark (with a personalized thank-you note)!



︎︎︎ 32 pages
︎︎︎ Perfect-bound

Book design and illustrations for Passing Through LA: An Ephemeral Guide and Object Catalog of the City, a 32-page zine about cherishing brief moments as you pass through different liminal spaces in a city. Includes a mini “files” table of contents, gradient cover flaps, and a tear-out ephemera guide in the middle.



Various posters from my time in college so far. Many are collaborations with friends (for plays, performances, and clubs) or just for fun!